Q&A with Rasmus Stig Johnsen from Dinesen

To gather a deeper and more intimate connection with the artisans we work with and the agents that represent them, we asked each to answer a series of questions. We will be showcasing each Q&A in correlation with our familial content. Enjoy!
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Without giving away your location, describe where you are right now. What are the things you see, smell, or hear around you?  

Buzzing office space, well curated with beautiful materials and objects all around me. The sounds of a buzzing city, comes through the old windows.  

Taste, touch, smell, sound, sight — which of the five senses do you rely on the most? Why? 

Smell - to me, that is the most honest sense, where sight brings me joy like no other in my everyday life. 

Tell us about your relationship to Studio Zung. To begin, when and where did your relationship with Tommy start? What drew you to working with us? 

What especially drew me towards working with Tommy, was his clear sense of quality and craftsmanship mixed with his visual expression, that have elements from all around the world. 

How has this relationship evolved over time? Could you describe one of your favorite moments or projects working with Tommy and our Studio?

From a simple meeting and introduction, to a very valued relationship on our side.

We want to know more about Dinesen’s creative process, walk us through it. How do you begin your projects? Do you anchor it with an image, a material, color, feeling? How do you come to a stopping point and know your work is complete, if you ever think so? 

We try on a daily basis to inspire and produce quality products, that our existing and new clients will find true value in. Most projects have different creative processes involved, depending on the people involved as well. For us it's a joy to see and help explore the material further. 

What is your favorite project, object, or piece of furniture designed with Dinesen? What about one from a different designer or maker?

The restaurant NOMA in Copenhagen, designed by BIG architects with interiors by David Thulstrup is perhaps my favorite Dinesen project, because of the constant process with bending the norms and use of material. 


The restaurant NOMA in Copenhagen, designed by BIG architects with interiors by David Thulstrup
Dinesen Wooden floor


Think of an object in your home that has the most significance to you. Could you share with us what it is and the memory behind it? 
The “all seeing eye'' is a symbol and object in my home. Its mystic speaks to me, and the meaning behind it is powerful and brings joy in our house. 

We live in a society where so much of our identity is surrounded by the things we consume whether that be the things we buy, the food we eat, or the content we see, along with the fast paced nature of it. How do you approach mindful living and sustainability in the context of your work and in your everyday life?

Cultivating my mind by meditation and practice of staying in control, so I can navigate and make the right choices for myself. 

What do you envision for your brand in five years? 

That Dinesen and high quality is melted completely together, and that every A/D in the US will know the name, and associate with the above. 


A slatted table against a minimal sand colored wall and the subtle shadow of a window casted on the wall


What do you want people to take away from your brand? How do you want to be remembered? What is the legacy you imagine for your brand? 

History behind the product, and certainty that it can be passed onto future generations. 

An old photograph of a young boy and his father in the forest of tall old-growth trees
Black and white photograph of a Dinesen workshop all made out of wood


Are you looking forward to anything in the next few months? Any new exciting projects or plans?

Working closer with STUDIO ZUNG!