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The Bauhaus Vintage cashmere throw's geometric patterns in shades of burgundy, stone blue on white with olive drab outlines evoke the timeless and sophisticated aesthetic of the Bauhaus movement, adding a touch of elegance and charm to any space.

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Mongolian Cashmere


1) It’s OK to use the washing machine - wash on short, cold, delicate cycle, one item at a time, with hand wash detergent. You can add a little natural hair conditioner into the rinse cycle. Do not overload as too much friction can cause pilling.

2) Dry flat or and steam, if needed

3) Fold and store in a breathable bag with lavender or other herbal sachets, a natural moth repellant.

If you use the item often don’t wait for the seasons to change, wash it regularly to keep the fiber clean, fresh and long-lasting.