Baba Suishaba | Incense | Cedar / Tabunoki (30g)


Yame, Fukuoka is known for its production of cedar tree dust. During its peak, more than 40 watermills were supplying cedar dust to incense makers all over Japan.

Baba Suishaba Watermill, founded in 1918, has spent the last 100 years perfecting its technique in which they use a waterwheel to grind cedar leaves into a dust. Today, Baba Suishaba has been able to use their age-old technique to convert their ground down cedar leaves into high-quality fragrant incense.

Japanese Cedar Tree Incense

• 1 Bunch - 5.5” W x 1” D x 1” H

• Cedar

• 1 Bunch: 60-70 incense sticks

• Fukuoka, Japan

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