Studio Zung | Oak Stool


Studio Zung Oak Stool is both sober and elegant. It is a raw product, which has a lot of character due to its structure and the choice of material. A timeless and versatile design suited for any room. 

Manufactured on the right bank of Bordeaux, each piece is hand made in a carpenter's workshop who works with 99° angles to give a more sober and softer view than right angles. Raw wood that is grown in France is selected and shaped to reflect and preserve the integrity of the trees. 


We applied a thin layer of matte and colorless varnish to protect the stool from small splashes of water or other. To clean the stool you can take a very slightly damp cloth and wipe it over the bench. If over the years you want to give a new look to your stool which has naturally weathered, you can sand it lightly. This is the advantage of a solid piece of furniture, it is made of solid material. We strongly recommend that you varnish it again or oil it; also, choose products that will not tint the material if you want to keep the same color of the wood.


Length: 45 cm
Height: 45 cm
Width: 21 cm

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