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The solid oak wood bench is sober and elegant. It can find a home in an entrance hall or at the end of a bed or for two people in a living room or at a dining table. The seat is made of a single plank of wood taken from the heart of the tree. Two-seater bench of 105 centimeters, designed to support two people. The feet also come from the same tree. This allows you to see the grain of the wood over the entire length of the bench. This wooden bench is built to last and be passed down to future generations. We take care to minimize the carbon impact during manufacturing with short circuits and environmentally friendly packaging.

We handcraft our oak benches in Bordeaux. We select oak from sustainably managed Burgundy forests. The trees then go to the sawmill where they are cut into long blocks that we select and work blade by blade. This is how we choose the most beautiful and healthy parts of the tree to sublimate them. We edge them then debit them before planing and sanding them. Then comes the assembly phase and the finishing touches. 

The benches are made of solid French oak from sustainably managed forests. 
We apply a very thin layer of invisible matte and colorless water-based varnish to our solid oak benches. Its purpose is to protect it from water splashes or other things that could mark the wood. This treatment has the advantage of not altering the nature of the wood or its color and of providing slight protection against the vagaries of everyday life. We recommend all the same to wipe quickly with a cloth the water which could find on the bench.If you want to oil the wood for a more rustic look, we recommend first sanding the wood, wiping it off to remove the wood dust and applying the oil. Note that the oil will change the color of the wood, this is the main reason why we did not choose this protection.

Length: 105cm
Width: 21cm
Height: 45cm 

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