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When Suave started designing the Cup Bowls, they began with the smallest of the three, making a transition between a cup and a bowl, with a base detail inspired by the delicate curves of porcelain teacups. The bowls work well as a serving set or a sculptural nesting composition. Each hand-turned Cup Bowl is never exactly like another.

Family of three, with a cup bowl, medium sized bowl and large bowl.

Designed by Suave, made by Carlos Barbosa.

100% fully handcrafted, each piece is one-of-its-kind with potential variations in color, shape and texture. Observations of such differences across products or orders does not constitute a basis for order cancellation or product returns.

Production: Portugal
Producer: Carlos Barbosa
Designer: Suave
Material: Linden Wood

Small: Ø100 x 85 H mm
Medium: Ø160 x 70 H mm
Large: Ø220 x 50 H mm

Care Instructions:
Do not use for food/liquids above 50º.
Not dishwasher proof.

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