Fritz Hansen | Norr Magazine Holder 75


Designed by Ditte Buus Nielsen

Norr Magazine Holder in oak combines functionality and aesthetics, as you can easily store and display magazines, small items and books on the wall. A leather ribbon makes sure that the items stays in place.

      Oak / Leather / Brass
      FSC 100%
      WxDxH: 75x10x35 cm

      Oak is a sturdy and hardwearing type of wood containing natural tannings that will protect against bacterial growth. Combined with its light, elegant color and well-defined grains, this makes oak wood safe choice for high-quality interior.

      Cleaning and Maintenance

      • The wood comes with no finish. If you choose not to treat it with soap or oil, use a suitable cleaning agent for wood.

      • As the wood is untreated it may be affected by grease and colorants. For this reason, we recommend saturating the wood with soap or a suitable furniture oil to make it more resistant. If you wish to use soap or oil, use a suitable product. Be aware that the wood will change colour when applying soap or oil.

      Leather is a strong and natural material that gets a beautiful patina over time. This makes it very easy to maintain and a great match for our many wooden designs.



      Cleaning and Maintenance

      • Use a suitable leather cleaner when necessary.
      • The product requires a minimum of care, but if you want to freshen up the original color of the leather you can use a suitable leather grease.

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