Buckminster Fuller | Anthology for the Millennium | Signed 2nd Edition


Studio Zung is proud to be affiliated with the great visionary architect, designer and environmental thinker, Buckminster Fuller. Bucky Fuller was the original comprehensive 360-degree thinker, combining science, poetry, engineering, design, art and nature with with everyday purposeful common sense. Bucky was a friend, colleague and partner of Studio Zung father, Thomas T.K. Zung, who continues to practice architecture and design through Fuller Sadao and Zung Architects.

We are proud to have designed the cover for the second edition of Buckminster Fuller's compendium of extraordinary ideas and writing. Edited by Thomas T.K. Zung and designed by Studio Zung members, Howard Collinge and Talley Carlston.

Signed by editor Thomas T.K. Zung.
Limited Edition copies produced, limited stock.

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