Sourcing I About the Process

The pool bath at #MaisonMeadowlark. 360 degrees of wood paneling and a futuristic bespoke marble block sink.

What inspired this?

The pool bath at MaisonMeadowlark

Tommy: " I guess first I have to tell the story of the inspiration. I don't know if anyone has walked the site of a marble quarry in Italy or anywhere else but it's one of the most still and beautiful experiences one can imagine. Thousands of years of pressure, minerals and heat hovering around you reminding you of how small we are as humans. The blocks of marble that are extracted are so exquisite, each individual one has its own story. They use water to keep the drill bits from becoming too hot as they drill and water started to pour down over one block of marble. It took my breath away. It moved me so much that I explained to the client that I wanted to recreate this as a sink for the pool house bathroom. The only way to engineer this within a structure was to use my surfing and surfboard shaping knowledge, so I had the entire floor waterproofed with fiberglass and epoxy surf resin. Through natures creation of marble, rhythm of the wood, Wabi Sabi, and surfing this pool bathroom experience was incarnated".