Polycor | Nature's Gift of Natural Stones

Our holistic approach to creating mindful spaces starts by considering the materials we use. From the marble slab kitchen countertops at Atelier 216, to the bathroom walls at Maison 7; when considering these materials, Studio Zung makes it a priority to choose the right materials that will last, and last for a long time.

Kitchen counter at Atelier 216 with long marble slab and bespoke oak cabinetry

Today we shine the spotlight on the bedrock created by Mother Earth herself and the foundation of our cities and buildings — natural stones. 
We love natural stone exactly because of what it is, natural. Our choice to bring this organic material into our designs is backed by a wealth of sustainable qualities such as it having lower water usage from installation and maintenance, being easily recyclable and reclaimable, and boasting high yield with minimal excess. As our longstanding partner, Polycor meets us exactly where we want to be, aligning with our standards of sustainable design practices. Polycor is the world’s leading natural quarrier with the oldest quarries in the United States and globally in Canada and France. From Grand Central Station in New York to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Polycor’s stones are tried and true building blocks of the architectural landscape of our modern world. 

Each stone, whether marble, granite, limestone or soapstone, is unique on its own -- enduring the long passage of time before taking on a second life through our designs. Stone tells us a timeless history about the environment that shaped it and its impact through the idiosyncratic colors, shapes, and patterns found in each slab. 
Sculpting our spaces, through incorporating natural stone, transfers this rich history and energetic quality to a room; further building a sublime connection to a piece of our Earth. At Atelier 211, the show-stopping wood fireplace with Polycor Gray Marble and Alberene soapstone fire hearth is the perfect ensemble, contrasting with the European white oak flooring. The natural stone takes center stage with breathtaking veining crafted by the happenstance collaboration of chance and the forces of Nature.

The great room at Atelier 216 with Polycor Gray Marble and Alberene soapstone fire hearth


All marble bathroom with floor to wall fittings with natural stone and bespoke oak vanities

At Maison Crosby, a modern Soho loft designed with an emphasis on the incorporation of local and natural materials, we created a fireplace using Indiana limestone (16 course non repeating masonry) elevating the luxurious yet grounded space. Paired next to a wooden bespoke Hemingway Bar Cabinet, the limestone masonry became a great modern touch to the timeless classic aesthetic.

Maison Crosby's Hemingway Bar Cabinetry made in Brooklyn with 16-course repeating masonry fireplace and wall inset with stacked firewoods

Our affinity for natural materials is no secret. Sourcing and building from what we can find in our natural habit is undoubtedly the best choice for the Earth and its inhabitants. With this in mind, we strive to create a holistic sensory experience in the designs we build, always embracing the natural first, then thinking of ways to synchronously work with it. 
To learn more about our residential projects and our designs using nature’s gift of natural stones, visit studiozung.com.