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Handcrafted Furniture | From Conception to Completion

Not mass produced to fit the tastes of the many, but fine-tuned to work harmoniously with the environment, our handcrafted furniture from conception to completion is bespoke on all levels.

Rather than fitting our client’s taste to what’s available on the market, we have been able to relay our approach to architecture, creating carefully designed spaces and holistic experiences within the home, while extending it to the furniture that lives in them. Not mass produced to fit the tastes of the many, but fine-tuned to work harmoniously with the environment, our handcrafted furniture from conception to completion is bespoke on all levels. Crafted by artisans who share our love for attention, detail, and the emotive qualities of carefully chosen materials, each piece embodies minimalistic luxury but also holds a layer of personal story. 

One of our most unique projects we’ve created was for a client in the Hamptons at #MaisonMeadowlark. By Purchasing  a 100-year old 40-foot teak tree from Bali, buried for 70 years, we were able to design and build one-of-a-kind furniture pieces throughout the entire home such as the staircases, a 16 foot tall entry bench, an outdoor dining table, a coffee table, side tables, and an office desk. Focusing on the sustainably sourced wood and building the furniture using all five senses, the special narrative told in these furniture pieces is sacred to Maison Meadowlark, and Maison Meadowlark only. 


The outdoor dining area and patio with a bespoke teak table and white curtains hung among slatted frames
The office at Maison Meadowlark with an outpour of sunlight tinting the room yellow

When our client at #Atelier211 came to us wanting a bed that felt as integrated as the rest of the home, our Simple Floating Bed was the perfect choice. The design started as a simple drawing and then render that had been thoughtfully detailed numerous times until the precision wanted was met. The illusion of having the bed be “floating,” while giving support to the structure, was the most difficult task to face yet after many iterations, the detailing was sound and this simple conception began to see its completion. Having Vincent, our furniture partner from Spatial Relations in Brooklyn, New York, fabricate this piece for us became an easy decision. While the design is ours, collaborating with artisans who share our values helps to make the quality and precision top of the line.

As a group of architects, designers, and interdisciplinary thinkers, our goal is to create beautiful spaces and to elevate those spaces with handcrafted pieces taking note of the physical and sensuous qualities often overlooked. Putting quality first and understanding the importance of materials led us to our continued years of practice working with highly skilled local artisans to make our designs a reality. Creating finely crafted, custom built pieces is a way to articulate in our own way the ineffable qualities of a space we’ve created or envision transforming.  

Tailored and thoughtfully designed, our handcrafted furniture has the breadth from bespoke kitchens, wardrobes, and cabinetry to beds, tables, and chaises. Through our exquisite bespoke cabinetry and kitchens, Studio Zung has already begun building a legacy of fine design and craftsmanship in some of the country's most beautiful homes. With an emphasis on architectural functionality of our handcrafted furniture, top-quality craftsmanship, long-lasting materials, and sustainable sourcing, our greatest wish is to help our clients realize the artistry of living through the everyday objects that become a sacred part of their daily lives.


A close up of a sidetable being made in the workshop by Studio Zung
Studio Zung's Floating Bed in the workshop



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