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Centered around the topics we value, voices that need to be amplified, and conversations we feel are missing in our modern discourse, each month will explore various narratives of people, places, and ideas.

"Restore Our Earth" is the theme for this year's Earth Day on April 22nd. In the days leading up to it, we are celebrating the ever-giving planet we need to tend to through an artist who honors earthly materials and their natural processes, Bosco Sodi.

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This Month's Selection: Bosco Sodi

  • The first comprehensive publication on Mexican-born artist Bosco Sodi, whose paintings and sculptures combine preindustrial minimalist and arte povera traditions with elements of Oaxacan and Japanese culture.

    Sodi has described his creative process as "controlled chaos" that makes "something completely unrepeatable and unique." In his most celebrated body of work, the artist mixes raw pigment with sawdust, wood, pulp, and natural fibers to create the dense surfaces of monochrome paintings. As the layers of material dry, fissured "landscapes" form without the guidance or intervention of the artist. Sodi's sculptural process reflects traditions of his Mexican heritage.

    At his studio, Casa Wabi, in Oaxaca, he uses raw earth clay to create kiln-fired cubes, spheres, and bricks. Stacked into columns as minimalist sculpture or assembled as a field or wall, these projects range in scale from architectural installations to earthworks.

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