Crystal | Smokey Quartz


The smokey quartz comes straight from the Crystal Vortex in the Zigras Mines. Located in Arkansas, the quartz capital of the world, the Crystal Vortex pocket was discovered in 2014 and is the largest discovery of high quality quartz crystals in history. Forming along a quartzite seam and stretching more than 100 feet, the giant tube has been a hot spot for these finest treasures from deep within our Earth. 

Reverence for the material only grows when we consider the millions of years locked into these stones - from their conception to how they end up in our hands. The development of crystals has taken millions of years, from Silica first dissolving and filling the fissures in the same ground we walk on today to the serendipitous combination of natural elements, water and wind, eroding the land for the rock crystals to be uncovered.

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