HOMES: We visit a gallerist's penthouse in New York; designer Phillip Lim’s beachside house in Long Island; a historic house in Düsseldorf remade for the artist Su Xiaobai; a brutalist home by Marc Dessauvage in Bruges; and a loft in Copenhagen where everything has a place and is framed to suit a how a life is actually lived.

INTERVIEW: Not radical enough for some, not commercial enough for others, Formafantasma are activists and practitioners trying to reshape the discipline of design from within.

INTERVIEW: Tadao Ando believes home is the most conflicted realm as it exists closest to human life, and for him it is the very foundation or origin of architecture.

INSERT OBJETS: we showcase the collection of the American designer Jack Lenor Larsen, who amassed objects both pedigreed and anonymous. His collection speaks to a wide-ranging interest in craft cultures around the world. Styled and curated by Colin King and photographed by Martien Mulder.

SPACES COPENHAGEN: As expressions of personality and portraits of their inhabitants, four apartments blur the life within and without.

LIVING ARCHITECTURE: The revolutionary and revelatory private home of designer Bruno Mathsson.

CASE STUDY by Pernille Vest : Perfectly imperfect, unpolished edges and raw materiality reveal simple perfection.

ARCHIVE: The ethereal light sculptures of Isamu Noguchi inspire and illuminate, transcending debates and categories.

STUDIO VISIT: In the Marche region of Italy, Henry Timi has built a workshop like no other, austere and yet sensory.