Materials - dk3 | System Ultra


  • Rails: solid wood in oak/oil or walnut/oil
  • Wood shelves: molded veneer in oak/oil or walnut/oil, thickness 7 mm
  • Steel shelves: powder coated steel, thickness D22 and D30: 1.0 mm, thickness D45: 1.5 mm
  • Hangers: brass, stainless steel or Black powder coated steel

Rail and screws have the same color
Extra screws in raw brass enclosed with the rail

Note: The shelves may deflect slightly over time. In order to maintain a straight profile, we recommend a max load of 15 kg per shelf. Fluctuations in temperature and light incidence may influence the integrity of the shelves. Since brass is softer than steel, shelves w/ brass hangers are expected to "warp" more than shelves w/ steel hangers We recommend that SYSTEM ULTRA® is installed by professionals