Le Labo | Palo Santo 14


Made from pure soy wax and featuring a cotton wick, this candle fills your home with clean fragrance and comes presented in a thick, heavy glass vessel.Fragrance story: Palo Santo carries with it an energizing freshness yet can be sometimes overwhelming when used raw. Le Labo tamed the beast and, while keeping the soul of the original ingredient, built a warm and comfortable accord through the addition of cedar-wood and the dark, resinous nature of labdanum, incense and patchouli.

Wax type: Soy
Burn time: 60 hours. 8.6 oz.
Made in USA


Temperature + Humidity 

  • The ideal condition for wood inside your home is a temperature of about 70-72 degrees Fahrenheit, with humidity levels of 50%-55%. During winter months, humidity levels drop, which can cause problems with wood. To level things out, use a humidifier during dry months. Along similar lines, try to avoid any abrupt changes in humidity. Wood likes a consistent environment, and damage can gradually occur otherwise.
  • If you’re storing wood furniture, don’t leave it in areas like attics, garages, or basements. By leaving furniture in unprotected areas like these, you can actually cause the aging of the wood to accelerate. Also with storage, be sure not to store wood pieces in hot areas or near fireplaces and heating vents. The excess heat can dry out the wood.
  • If your wood pieces are in a damp area, or during rainy seasons, use dehumidifiers to combat excess moisture.
  • When placing wood furniture around your home, try to make sure it’s not placed in direct sunlight.
  • When storing table leaves, try to keep them close to the table itself in order to ensure they’re both exposed to the same humidity levels consistently

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