The Energetic Qualities of Crystals

Straight from the Crystal Vortex in the Zigras Mines and new to our shop are six quartz crystals full of luster. James Zigras, the man behind the mine, was first an ardent collector of minerals, chasing his passion for precious stones until he bought his own mining lease in 2009. Located in Arkansas, the quartz capital of the world, the Crystal Vortex pocket was discovered in 2014 and is the largest discovery of high quality quartz crystals in history. The Vortex forms along a quartzite seam and stretching more than 100 feet, the giant tube has been a hot spot for these finest treasures from deep within our Earth. 

The mystical energy and metaphysical properties surrounding crystals have been a popular topic since ancient times. As symbols of purity and transcendence, these gemstones were considered gifts from the high heavens connecting our human world to the otherworldly. The current fascination toward crystals has increased significantly in our modern consciousness where people seek connection to Earthly things while simultaneously searching for spirituality. In the world of crystals, clear quartz is considered to be the “master healer” regulating energies and aiding in concentration and memory. Obsidian crystals are known to be protectors, warding off emotional negativity, providing clarity thus guiding you to true north.


Many describe feeling a sense of enchantment to crystals, a sublime connection to our inner-selves. These sentiments stem from the fact that quartz crystals are piezoelectric, meaning they can conduct electricity and when squeezed under pressure, release energy. If an electric current is sent through, each crystal could vibrate at a precise frequency - leading to people’s popular imagination that crystals can read, feel, and guide our human energies. 


Whether or not you believe crystals have powers to heal, improve your mood, or even cast spells, there is a materiality and sensuality people immediately understand. Even without a long scientific explanation or an origin story, we are able to innately feel this sense of connection to our Earth and the histories crystals have been a witness to. 

Reverence for the material only grows when we consider the millions of years locked into these stones - from their conception to how they end up in our hands. The development of crystals has taken millions of years, from Silica first dissolving and filling the fissures in the same ground we walk on today to the serendipitous combination of natural elements, water and wind, eroding the land for the rock crystals to be uncovered. It’s difficult to mentally wrap our heads around the amount of time and memories of our planet each quartz crystal silently carries, but it can be undoubtedly experienced emotionally and physically through our senses. 

“Each material holds an energetic quality to it. One does not have to be an architect or designer to feel it” — Tommy Zung

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