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On: Traditions

In celebration of the holiday season, we asked our studio’s closest friends and family to share a few words on the topic of tradition. Whether it is continuous or a...

In celebration of the holiday season, we asked our studio’s closest friends and family to share a few words on the topic of tradition.

Whether it is continuous or a first, a personal ritual or a shared activity with loved ones, traditions can be a rooting moment among our constantly changing lives. A bridge between generations and time, traditions are a connector of our past and the present moment. It becomes a benchmark to look back at previous year, appreciating all that we've gained and all that we've grown, to recharge, and to reset intentions for the coming new year. 

Let's hear what our friends have to say...


"As a Swedish man I have made a pretty fun tradition and it’s inviting a bunch of my friends and clients to the uptown resturant Aquavits Christmas dinner! Before Covid it was a smorgasbord of all the delicacies I could only find at home, Wich would include the “Nubbe” ( Swedish’s snaps ) picketed  herring, grav lax Kalix roe, Swedish ham, mustard,  egg halves with shrimp salad, min weiner dogs and off course plenty of meat balls! Have become quite a tradition and I went this year again, but it was downsized to a family style dinner but nonetheless very great!" — Jonathan Hokklo, photographer


"We always listen to Chris Rea's song 'Driving home for Christmas' when we're in the car going to where we will be spending Christmas. Bit corny but a nice tradition :-)" — Ricky Nordsøn, Nord&Sand


"I love traditions! Traditions are the meaningful, shared activities that bind us together over time and over generations.  Much of our holiday traditions revolve around cooking and sharing food together.  Every year we have an elaborate seven-seafood dinner on Christmas eve.  Panettone is must over the holidays.  We make gravlax and have it with poached eggs and hearty toast on Christmas morning.   We typically get a tree and decorate it together.  This year we went for a tree of light! Excited gather on Christmas eve to open presents and begin to close out the year as usual.  New Year’s Eve, for many Brazilians, is a tribute to the goddess of the sea - Iemanja. The tradition is to wear only white and if you are by the sea to walk into water, even if it’s just dipping your toes, and make an offering, typically white flowers, to receive a blessing from nature for the new year. We live in the Rockies so it’s a challenge to get to the sea every year, but the thought of starting a new year with a fresh perspective, new goals, and a tribute to the nature that surrounds us remains a strong tradition." — Betina & Bill Infante, Hangai Mountain Textiles


"The one constant item for all our family holiday's is my grandmother’s German apple pie.  The recipe is a top level guarded secret, only shared with family member’s that share blood ties.  My mom will not even share it with my brother’s wife, married for over 15 years with two kids.  It’s a running joke, but it is seriously the most amazing version with a sweet crust and untouched apples cinnamon and raisons inside.  I’ve already said too much.” — Andi Kovel, Esque Studio


"Being from Florida originally, the change of season here in the mid-Atlantic brings its own set of colors and atmosphere that opens me up to new inspirations. Every year the family sets time aside for museum day where we usually end up at the Metropolitan Museum, the Frick, or MoMA. It’s always a great way to enjoy the season and kick start the holiday spirit." — Steve Schrenk, Polycor


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