Natural Sunlight in Bridgehampton

The floor to ceiling fireplace at Maison Meadowlark made in natural stone with furniture made in recycled teak wood

Our client in the Hamptons was looking to build a custom house where we didn’t do a lot of new manufacturing. He wanted to keep it as sustainable as possible. And he was looking for something unique, something that had a good story. We’d talked about using sustainable wood as accents throughout the house. Bali has some of the most exotic species of wood in the world, so we travelled there together in search of something special.

The wooden staircase at Maison Meadowlark that seems like they are floating

We ended up finding a 100-year old tree that had been buried for 8o years, so it was completely preserved. We bought the entire 40-foot teak tree and used it throughout the residence. Even the stairs were made of it. Giving a second life to a tree from across the world to create an intimate family environment brought everything full circle. It represented the pinnacle of luxury, since no one else in the world has that story.

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