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Timeless Elegance | Maison Duane

As we spend more of our time indoors, the place we call home must invoke feelings of both serenity and energy, creating an environment that allows us to balance living...

As we spend more of our time indoors, the place we call home must invoke feelings of both serenity and energy, creating an environment that allows us to balance living and working while remaining inspired. In this inventive interior reimagining of a Romanesque Revival pre-war building, which previously served as a whale bone cutting facility, historic charm is refurbished to accentuate tranquility throughout the residence. Simple textures and direction of natural light merge with the beautiful curvature, easing the strong lines of the living room and kitchen wall, thus forming a soft domestic setup. When the client first came to us, our initial instinct was to create spaces that emphasized refined and clean living. The cool grays and rich browns brought by the wooden millwork and inviting upholstery of European linen allow for a sense of calmness and serenity to wash over the inhabitants.

Bronze bust with oak stand stands among the emotive Italian marmorino with dk3 sideboard and vase by RW Guild
Studio Zung fine cabinetry in white oak with bespoke tinted marmorino plaster. Noguchi lamp with object by RW Guild and Norm Architect’s Eave Modular Sofa by Menu

The home’s elevator entryway seamlessly invites functionality and aesthetics thanks to a refined custom-built bench and cabinetry system. We wanted to create a restful place to sit that doubled as a threshold into the home from the outside, thus enhancing the transition.⁠ The slatted wood allows for light to percolate in gradually making the entryway subtle and refined, while also providing filtered sightlines.

Studio Zung fine cabinetry in white oak and european linen
The sitting room at Maison Duane with original 1944 ‘Muslingestole’ or Clam Chairs by Philip Arctander and a Charles Trevelyn collection table

A retreat nestled in the heart of Tribeca, exquisite pieces add a sophisticated but yet approachable charm to the living spaces. Harmony between the old and new is emphasized through restored details such as dentil moldings and a Chevron patterned red oak floor that compliment the sleek dk3 table by Jeppe Utzon and handmade Linea Akademia chairs by Nikari, creating a simple but multifunctional place to gather for dinner or work. Above the table hangs an elegant chandelier from FLOS. Accented with wood details and marble counters, these understated details provide a timeless elegance. The walls are an understated venetian marmorino plaster, which brings in an organic texture into the rooms and highlights the client’s personal art collection, which is filled with character. The ample living room is furnished with a plush modular couch by MENU, and on additional bespoke cabinetry by Studio Zung, sits a Noguchi lamp. Simple but distinctive design continues to accentuate the potentiality of stillness within the dwelling, giving the residents a warm space of their own.


Photography by Adrian Gaut. Styling by Colin King


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