Gift Guides | A Homebody's Guide

A gift guide for those who prefer to stay in than stay out. For the homebodies who enjoy a heavy-bodied glass of wine, a weekend Netflix marathon, and a warm cup of tea snuggled up by candlelight.

— Nicole, Business Development & Marketing Coordinator


Buster + Punch | Tealight Candle Holder Brass

Three brass tea light candles by Buster + Punch

Candles always set a calm and relaxing mood, but the Buster+Punch Tealight Candle Holders elevates the entire experience for some extra Hygge vibes. The brass finish is my favorite as it enhances the warm glow from the flame. Be sure to order a box of your favorite tealight candles, because you’ll use these all the time.


Hangai Mountain Textiles | Beige & Cream Fisherman’s Knit Cashmere Throw

A Hangai Mountain Textiles throw in beige with a white border placed on top of a stool with it's tag hanging

When you’re dealing with super cold winters-or just appreciate being cozy-you can never go wrong with cashmere. It’s even better when you have an amazing duo like Bill and Betina who have strong personal ties to Mongolia where they have lived and worked in tandem with herders and artisans to create a beautiful line of throws that really makes a commitment to craftsmanship, supporting local economies, and ethical sourcing .


House of Waris | Sweet Clarity Tea

An opened tin of Sweet Clarity Tea by House of Waris Botanicals with sachets showing

HOUSE of WARIS Botanicals offers organic adaptogenic teas that are perfect for any cold day. The blended tea comes in sachets that are made of a compostable material and come in a nice golden tin that you’d want to keep and reuse. The presentation, as much as the product, is spot on.


Frama | Otto Jug and Set of 2 Cups


A collection of plates, cups, and bowls from Frama's Otto Ceramic Collection with white pieces on the left and black pieces on the right

When you have a friend over for tea or coffee--or just want to fill up a jug with warm goodness to start your day--the Frama Otto Jug and set of cups is my favorite vessel. It pairs well with HOUSE of WARIS Botanicals tea or some filling Mexican hot chocolate or chocolat chaud.


Esque Studio | Italian Carafe Set

Milky and opaque wine decanter and two glasses by Esque Studio on oak shelf by Frama

The Italian Carafe Set from Esque Studio is such a unique piece that can be the center of any dinner party...or tv marathon. The finish of the glass and the overall shape and tactility make it stand out among others. You can really appreciate the distinctions between the carafe and glasses and enjoy the art of the pour. I’m still obsessed with the Mezcal Rosaluna tea-infused cocktails (with HOUSE of WARIS Botanicals tea) that we served at our Buster+Punch pop-up launch party last month, so I would definitely make that for this carafe set.


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