Gift Guides | A Daydreamer's Guide

A gift guide for those whose minds drift away in ephemeral thoughts and swim in past memories. For those who enjoy solidarity, appreciate the little things, and the slower pace of life. Enjoy!

— Sarah, Communications, Marketing & Sales Associate

Monogram Leather Bookmark

A black leather bookmark on top of a page of a book

I’m going to be honest, reading has been an activity I partake in more and more sparingly over the years. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it. In fact, as winter slowly comes in full force and I look forward to staying in more than staying out, a good book and my Monogram Leather Bookmark will keep me in good company. Made for the modern reader, this timeless piece can mark your resting points along the journey through your pages. Available in three colorways and with personal monogramming, I love gifting this as much as having it for myself.

Mitch Iburg Ceramics | Narrow Rim Vessel #42

A packshot of a reddish Mitch Iburg Ceramic vessel

I often think about the layered nature of our world from the physical soil we stand on to the conceptual layering of knowledge accumulated throughout human history. Inspired by a similar sentient and mindfulness approach to his materials, Mitch Iburg treats each vessel he creates as a record of Earth’s geological past. Mitch translates this through foraged clays, stones, and glacial debris from Minnesota’s native land. A palimpsest of small rumbles and tectonic shifts, all encompassed in a single vessel, made by two humble hands.

MacGuffin Magazine |  Issue No. 9 The Rug

MacGuffin's The Life of Things magazine standing on top of a Noorstad stool
MacGuffin’s The Life of Things has been a consistent favorite of mine for its ability to infinitely expand in multifolds on a single subject. Issue No.9 is all about the world beneath our feet — rugs! If you’re ready to jump in a rabbit hole and deep dive into carpet traders in Morocco, techniques of rug weaving, the hidden beauty of airport carpets, tatami mats, coconut mats, carpets made of concrete and peanut butter, and a whole cacophony of MacGuffins, this is the magazine for you.


Master & Dynamic |  MW07 True Wireless Headphones


Packshot of Master & Dyanmics headphone in black

A consistent ritual I practice is starting a new music playlist at the start of every month. I cherish this because it serves as a marker of specific chapters of my life and a tool to revisit my past; I call it my personal auditory time capsule. Master & Dynamic MW50+ True Wireless Headphones are my favorite grab-and-go accessory whenever I listen to music because it provides an audiophile-level sound experience all within the convenience of a wireless headphone. Not only does it sound great, but with a combination of cowhide leather, lambskin leather, and stainless steel, it feels great too. 


 Metrograph Membership

The exterior of Metrograph theathers in New York City

Easily one of my favorite pastimes. For those who still find pleasure in going to the movies instead of streaming, Metrograph is a cinema lover’s heaven. The independent two-screen movie theater screens rare, archival-print films alongside first-run movies in state-of-the-art digital video. Located on 7 Ludlow in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, members are offered discounted Box Office tickets, exclusive discounts, and event invitations. They also offer “Metrograph At Home” which has exclusive live streaming films, premiers, and special conversations with lauded filmmakers.


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