Dinesen | Considering the tree and the forest

When bringing natural materials into our homes, whether that be the architectural interiors we design or bespoke furniture we create, we have trusted Dinesen for their high-quality wood, sourced with the utmost respect for our trees. The level of care and passion Dinesen has towards our trees and forests is remarkable. Their reverence for nature and passion for wood has long been carried in this family owned company since 1898 — across four generations. As stewards of our environment, Dinesen considers not only the quality of the tree, but also the impact of the fall and the posterity of the forest. 


Dinesen historical photo in black and white. Workers or family members on large logs of wood


Detailed upclose photo of a Dinesen tree

How to cut down a tree (German style) via Dinesen

  • First, the tree is scouted in the forest. It is very important that the tree holds the right size and height; it has to fit the right merit.
  • When the tree is chosen, math is involved to measure and count where and how the tree is going to fall in order to protect the surrounding trees and vegetation as much as possible.
  • When everything is calculated, the forester then cuts a track in the tree to apply an iron wedge, notifying the following event.
  • The chainsaw then comes out and produces the final cut… and down it goes, in a controlled fall.
  • With the crown of the tree now gone, new light comes into the forest, bringing life and encouraging new generations of trees to grow and prosper.


A man measuring the dimension of a tree with a professional forester standing next to him

After the tree is cut down, a new tree is planted. Every day the foresters wander through the trees to check up on the growth of new life and scout for new tasks to be undertaken.

Sustainability is something Dinesen prides themselves on, which Studio Zung shares, having core respect for our earth and the natural materials she provides. Sharing this understanding of caring for our environment, living in harmony with nature, and incorporating it into our everyday lives is our greatest motivator and inspiration. 

For every tree harvested, a new one is planted in its place and checked upon. The traditions of sustainable forestry is a cornerstone of Dinesen’s family owned French and German forests. Only selecting trees between 80 to 200 years old, Dinesen honors the lived life of the tree, it’s knots, growth rings, height, and branches, with a new-found purpose. 


Close-up of a tree cut in half showing many layers of rings


Majestic Douglas firs, characterful Oak trees, beautiful Ash, classic Pine; it’s impossible to imagine architecture without wood — it is an essential part of what we do and how we create. We are ever thankful for Dinesen who thinks of wood not just as a material, but a living, breathing piece of nature to be honored.