Buckminster Fuller Works

One of the greatest minds of the 20th century, R. Buckminster Fuller was a visionary and an inventor who dedicated his life to solving the modern world’s problems. He developed pioneering solutions and created technology that does ‘more with less,’ thus reflecting his commitment to the potential of innovative design and improving human lives. Fuller, who did not limit himself to a single field, worked as a ‘comprehensive anticipatory design scientist’ and is most well known for his Geodesic Dome. The first attempted build of the dome took place in the summer of 1948 at the legendary institution, Black Mountain College, with Josef Albers, Elaine and Willem de Kooning, Richard Lippold, and Kenneth Snelson participating in the tactile experiment. 

Having Bucky as his Godfather, our Principal, Tommy Zung had the privilege of growing up under the global humanitarian’s influence. On display at 41 Grand Street and available online for the first time, are original artworks from the engineer, artist, and architect. 

Each dome includes the incised signature 'R. Buckminster Fuller' on one strut. Sold with a certificate of authenticity issued by the R. Buckminster Fuller Partners Foundation.

Two Buckminster Fuller Geodesic Tensegrity domes on a table with two prototypes of forthcoming water bottles by Thomas TK Zung

Buckminster Fuller's Tensegrity Domes and a preview of the upcoming water bottle prototypes on display during NYCxDESIGN


Buckminster Fuller Geodesic Tensegrity sculpture on an Danish oak stool



A close up of a Geodesic Tensegrity Dome's strut inscribed with Buckminster Fuller's name


Buckminster Fuller Geodesic Tensegirty Sphere 1982