Axel Vervoordt | Finding Beauty in the Imperfections

Blending art, architecture and nature, Axel Vervoordt’s impeccable taste lies in understanding the subtle beauty in the imperfections of living environments. The Belgian designer, art dealer and curator has been leading the modern interior design world for the past half-century, embodying the wabi-sabi practice we seek in the everyday. Vervoordt’s homes find a sublime equilibrium, a genuine harmony and a balance of living rooted in the past yet also moving towards a new future.

A room with yellow hues that has a fireplace, large metal table, and an arched doorway
A room with light blue walls, an oval table in the middle in front of a doorway with two chairs lined against

His propensity to discover objects with personal histories and narratives started at an early age of 14 as he began buying and selling antiques. Naturally, Vervoordt gravitated towards the arts, buying and selling his first Magritte at the age of 21. 

Axel Vervoordt portrait in a room with baby blue walls and small objet-like sconces
Two large vases sit in front of the fireplace with a painting to the right

Adorning his interiors with art and antiques, practicing the art of restoration, and sourcing local materials are the ingredients to Vervoordt’s refined palette, creating interiors that extend beyond a shelter, even beyond an expression of the self and into a palimpsest of cultures and histories in a sanctuary like home.


Axel Vervoordt's Portraits of Interiors book


Take a look into Vervoordt’s seventeen projects spanning across America, Belgium, England, France, Italy, India, Russia, and Japan. Get inspired by the urban penthouses in New York and London to a Wabi barn in Flanders and a Venetian palazzo, to a coastal home in New England and an island retreat in Ibiza. Portraits of Interiors is available online at Shop Zung.

“A home should be an oasis, a haven that fosters a sense of well-being and joy”

 Photos credits: Mous Lamrabat, Axel Vervoordt